Free Cheat Dead Trigger 2 Trainer Full Fiture

Hack Dead Trigger 2 dengan Trainer, Anda dapat men-download Dead Trigger 2 Trainer secara gratis, tanpa password dan tidak ada survei. beberapa hack dari Dead Trigger 2 Trainer: Inf. Amunisi dan No reload, kerusakan Lebih, Regular Zombies Cant Attack dan banyak lagi hack dari trainer ini.
Secara keseluruhan fitur membentuk Dead Trigger 2 Trainer
– Inf. Ammo and No reload
– More damage for firearms (gun) not Melee
– Crosshair – not recoil
– Regular Zombies Cant Attack (not working for zombie boss)
– Give More Shooting Range – add to the shooting range, farther than standard weapons.
– More Money Pickup Range – You do not need to walk to cite coins (money) or bullets which drop from zombies
Diperlukan Software Cheat Engine
Jika belum punya bisa download di :
Download Trainer Dead Trigger 2
untuk 32-bit :
untuk 64-bit :
Langkah-langkah untuk menggunakan Dead Trigger 2 Trainer
1. Steps to use Dead Trigger 2 Trainer :
2. Download and instal cheat engine (do not open)
3. Download Dead Trigger 2 Trainer (do not open yet)
4. Log in to your facebook account then play Dead Trigger
5. After you log in to the game, open Dead Trigger 2 Trainer
6. On the trainer select process browser then click next button
7. After click next button, new page will appear that contains hack list from thetrainer.
8. Then Enable all hack (you must enable all hack because hack related to each other
9. Then kill all a zombie.
Video tutorial :